The Guide To Branded Entertainment 2021. 'Turning brands into their customers' favourite storytellers.' Written by Mike Drysdale & Clare Reid.

Dear Storyteller’s new ebook is the definitive exploration of entertainment-based marketing.

How do brands effectively communicate their value to customers in a post-advertising world? With customers ignoring, skipping, and blocking ads at unprecedented rates, why does branded entertainment stand alone in its ability to earn trust and attention? 

This in-depth guide into values-based, story-driven marketing explores the factors that make up the most effective marketing content and then shows you how to do it (or at least, think it). 

Branded entertainment campaigns create an intangible bias that causes the customer to think,“I don’t know why I like this brand, I just do. They think like me, they believe what I believe, and people like me support them because they support us.”

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Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself. The branded entertainment hall of fame unpacks our favourite campaigns from the last decade featuring brands from all over the world. Now … it’s your turn.

Remember, 98% of marketers stream ad-free content and 27% say they use ad blockers.

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An excerpt from the book

“An easy way to think of it is with the mirror test. Basically, holding a mirror up to yourself as a consumer … a content consumer, an entertainment-seeker, an ad-avoider. Okay, a lot of assumptions are being made there; however, when you consider yourself as a consumer first – before you’re a client, a creative, or a marketer – you can uncover some pretty interesting insights. Ask yourself, “Would I watch the content my brand is creating?” You may discover that what you’re drawn to most are stories that speak to you and your worldview; watching/reading/listening to the things you actually care about. If an ad dares interrupt that pursuit, the impulse to [skip ad] is almost instantaneous. This nutritionless rhetoric is no substitute for the nourishing content that enriches our lives. 

So, why can’t brands exist in that nourishing space? Add value to the meaningful conversations we’re already having?”