Don't Just Be Noticed, Be Remembered

We work to create iconic entertainment. It’s not enough to be noticed, your brand should be shared, remembered, prioritised, missed, and every fire/rainbow/love-eyes emoji out there. We’re all about brand storytelling marketing; we make branded entertainment.

We play with the cultural landscape – the same one your customers are obsessed with – to develop vital pieces of entertainment that inspire brand loyalty.

We’re kind of the anti-advertising agency and more like brand storytellers. Because we hate advertising? Nope – we probably watch more of it than anyone else. Give us an Aviation Gin ‘ad’ or, better yet, a faux-doco trailer by Nadaam any day*. These brands know the secret behind new school advertising; that the conventions of entertainment beat the traditional ad formula. Every. Single. Time.

Our brains prioritise stories and, as pattern recognising machines, when we see an advertisement, we switch off. “I’ve seen these before”, “ads are a waste of my time”, “this is of no value to me”, “I need to escape”. We need to break the patterns of traditional advertising before we can expect our audiences to give us their attention – enter, branded entertainment.

So, what do we do differently?

We focus on values-based, story-driven marketing to produce content that’s the antithesis – or, antidote – to traditional advertising. It puts your audience, their interests, and their needs first.

With a brand storytelling marketing approach such as this one, traditional strategy work is also challenged. The importance lies in knowing what people are talking about, joining the conversations, and then adding value to those spaces. In this way, you speak to your audiences’ world view and design stories that hook them early and leave them wanting more.

And what are we making?

Before we go into branded entertainment content, a little bit more about why it works so well. PSA: We took this one straight from an article we wrote about brand storytelling marketing but we wrote it sooo… “How we spend our money is a reflection of ourselves and our beliefs. This is also true for brands. And, if they continue to spend their budgets on advertising that’s built on an interruption model, it risks alienating audiences who are in control of their viewing now more than ever.” There you have it, more fuel for the branded entertainment 🔥🔥

  • Documentary-style shorts
  • Short films
  • Social experiments
  • In-studio branded entertainment
  • Sketch comedy
  • Branded comic strips
  • Copywriting (not as you know it)
  • Articles and blogging BE style
  • Zines and magazines
  • Micro articles for social
  • Verticals and even books

*We’d classify these examples as branded entertainment, but BE is a form of advertising so that whole section is kind of meta but also contradictory with a side of hypocrisy. Let’s stick with meta, meta works.

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