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Our creative process is play-based. We’re a storytelling marketing agency and we play with purpose to create iconic branded entertainment – and, sometimes we play without purpose. Even still, we usually find a way to justify it. Sometimes in a creative colab, other times in solitude, always with a creative outcome.

‘Now playing’ is our motto and we live it everyday. When it comes to our mission, the goal is simple: To reach a point where Dear Storyteller’s content is bringing the feels 24 hours a day.

We found five words that echo Dear Storyteller’s culture here at our storytelling marketing agency. There was a whiteboard involved and a studio full of beverages as we flicked through the dictionary and landed on remarkability, creativity, playfulness, collaboration, and artistry. This is how we define them:


Noun / re·mark·abil·i·ty

Creating remarkable work that people talk about beyond our digital storytelling agency. We give your audience a story they can tell their friends, a story they can identify with.

Inspiring creativity

Adjective noun phrase / in·spir·ing cre·a·tiv·i·ty

Creativity is our home. It energises us and it’s our job and our passion to inspire creativity in you, in everyone we work with. Storytelling is a joyful experience.


Adjective / play·ful·ness

We make it a priority to create a culture that promotes a sense of joy and levity. Our playfulness helps us contend with important ideas and create iconic concepts. We’re not your average storytelling agency, we “play with purpose”.


Verb / col·lab·o·ra·tion

Marketing and digital storytelling are not solely processes of creation. Because, when they are, the end result is not born from the company’s DNA. Our approach includes an open, extensive, discovery process with brands to imbue the project with their company’s uniqueness.


Noun / art·ist·ry

We’re students of the game and fans of our peers. Far from being competitive, Dear Storyteller seeks out opportunities to collaborate and work with inspiring creatives.

Our Storytellers

It's about people

Connecting to people through storytelling is what we do. We love creating work that celebrates people of all ages, genders, orientations, abilities, cultures, and walks of life.

Inclusive work. Meaningful work.

Vibrant work that recognises the diverse experiences and worldviews in your audience, then builds powerful, authentic connections within it.

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