Mineral Resources Limited
20 April 2020
  • Amplification
  • Audio Production
  • Creative Development
  • Post Production
  • Scripting

The world is in lockdown and Mineral Resources is hard at work. In the midst of countless Covid campaigns blending into one another, MinRes needed to stand out from the crowd.

Their message wasn’t sombre or reflective. It was one of action and acknowledging the good fortune they’ve had in being able to keep on keeping on (while following all government regulations).

“Isolation” was cut together with pre-existing footage and recontextualised with a scripted voiceover that added some much needed levity to a tense time. The campaign has been delivering a steady stream of applicants for roles MinRes were needing to fill and is generating a positive response from audiences.


  • Brand – Mineral Resources Limited
  • Communications Manager – Diana Wearing Smith
  • Creative Agency – Dear Storyteller
  • Creative Strategist –  Mike Drysdale
  • Post Production – Gavin Carroll
  • Account Manager – Brendan Lobo