We’re Different: Because You Are
Mineral Resources Limited
We’re Different: Because You Are
7 October 2019
  • Amplification
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Casting
  • Creative Development
  • Landing Page Design
  • Photography
  • Post Production
  • Production
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding

Mineral Resources Limited (MinRes) had a recruitment problem. Sure, they could find people who ticked all the right boxes but these same people weren’t thriving in the unique culture of MinRes. So, we created a piece of branded entertainment that follows “Mark” as he lands his first opportunity to lead a commodity mining project. It’s a 4-minute showcase of life at MinRes that sets clear expectations and illuminates them with honesty, candour, and humour.“We’re Different” drove an influx of top-tier applicants who truly understood the cultural nuances of the company and solved a long-standing recruitment problem.


  • Brand – Mineral Resources Limited
  • Communications Manager – Diana Wearing Smith
  • Creative Agency – Dear Storyteller
  • Director –  Mike Drysdale
  • DOP – Gavin Carroll
  • Account Manager – Brendan Lobo
  • Copywriter – Clare Reid
  • Pre-Production Assistant – Jesse Bartlett
  • Storyboard Illustration – Holly Fox
  • Stills Photographer – Joshua Fernandes