This is Perth
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This is Perth
1 May 2022
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Our TikTok and Instagram game show started with a simple idea: Perth’s best asset is its people. 

With hyper-localised, gamified content presented by local creators and influencers, This is Perth platforms people, perspectives, and experiences from around our city, while carving out a space for entertaining, audience-first brand collaborations.  

It’s about celebrating our shared experiences, laughing at ourselves, and highlighting the many diverse voices that make Perth, Perth. With guests facing a slew of nostalgia-filled games, including making sense of local lingo, pondering Perthonalities, belting out iconic Aussie jingles, and at one point, debating whether they’d rather be devoured by a black swan or a quokka.  

As the first game show of its kind in WA, This is Perth affectionately presents the local quirks we all know and love in a fresh format. Most branded content online feels inherently selfish and of little value to the audience, so our approach has been purposefully designed to challenge that mindset. 

This is Perth has been crafted to make consistent, entertaining contributions to cultural conversations that our local audiences actually care about, in formats they enjoy. To do that, we connected with a group of Perth creators, investigated the various cultural conversations that Perth locals have a place in, strategically developed our game concepts, produced the videos, and of course, shared them. 

In the 12 months since we launched the show, we’ve soared past 2,000,000 organic views, worked with 23 local influencersincluding Ashleigh Jade, Seva Mozhaev, Emily Grosser, Cabinet Noir’s Edward Maradona, and Cold Nips co-founders Ryan Linton and Jian Wong Yenand rolled out our first sponsored content series in partnership with St John WA. 

With more brand partnerships in development, This is Perth provides a platform for businesses to connect with their audience on a level rarely achieved through traditional advertising methods. 

GM of Dear Storyteller, Mike Drysdale, said: “Bringing Perth’s creator community together to collaborate has been a real point of pride with this project. Creators know how to connect with audiences, and leveraging their skill and talent in that arena is something I think we should do as an industry more often. There’s so much talent in Perth, it’s something I hope we can showcase more and more. 

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  • Brand – This is Perth
  • Agency – Dear Storyteller
  • Creator & Director – Mike Drysdale
  • Producer – Sally King
  • Strategy Consultant – Seva Mozhaev
  • DOP – Mike Drysdale
  • Camera Operator 1 – Nate Abrahams
  • Camera Operator 2 – Gavin Carroll
  • Editor – Rhys Waywood
  • Assistant Camera Operator – Caleb Donaldson
  • Art Director – Sally King
  • Social Media Manager – Sally King
  • Talent – Seva Mozhaev, Emily Grosser, Ashleigh Jade, Adrian Alaberg, Paige Savill, Luke AJ, Ryan Marc Linton, Jian Wong Yen, Rahnee Bransby, Edward Maradona, Caitlyn Ribbons, Samira So, Jess Wharehinga, Bec Voysey, Cougar Morrison, Tara Jeisman, Kendal Rose Barden, Ramon Israel, Kika Lateef, Salma Hadad, Annie Brooks, Frankie Rowsthorn, Emo Majok