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Nani Creative
Brand Strategy
4 April 2022
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Nani Creative is an Aboriginal-led creative studio powered by what’s to come. More First Nations creatives taking a seat at the table. More acknowledgement. More yarns, authenticity, self-determination, and solid work. These words now live on the Nani home page, a snippet of the lines we crafted to capture the heart of their brand.

With an already-established friendship with Dear Storyteller, Nani came to us for a branding journey which would be an open conversation and a process of discovery. A central focus was figuring out how to articulate their value proposition and communicate to clients the full scope of what Nani can do. They also asked us to put tangible words to the vibe of their brand, define their identity, develop key messages, and solidify their position in the market.

So, we investigated the Nani brand through consultation and interviews – identifying their strengths, benefits, audience personas, and brand persona. This set the scene for developing a tone of voice, key messages, brand essence, and a brand story. And when it came to putting these discoveries down on paper, our GM, Mike Drysdale, started with writing a poem to get the creative juices flowing and pinpoint the brand’s vibe and language.

The key to this project was cultural awareness; supporting this Aboriginal-led agency so they are empowered to tell their story. Leigh Wood, Design Manager at Nani, says, ‘We often approach projects in a way that hasn’t been done before, so the strategy really helped us to define what we do and gave us confidence in our process.


  • Brand – Nani Creative
  • Campaign Agency – Dear Storyteller
  • Creative Strategist – Mike Drysdale
  • Copywriter – Clare Reid