UnitingCare West
5 August 2019
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Casting
  • Creative Development
  • Creative Production
  • Post Production
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding

UnitingCare West needed Perth people to give generously during Homelessness Week this year. But before making the ask, we needed the audience to connect emotionally to the issue and branded entertainment was the key.

The aim of the film was to not only make homelessness more visible, but to encourage audiences to see past a person’s situation and through to their humanity. With a branded entertainment strategy, we were able to spark curiosity so that by the time viewers reach the story’s climax, they’ve been pushed over an emotional threshold and are inspired to act.


  • Brand – UnitingCare West
  • Creative Agency – Dear Storyteller
  • Director –  Mike Drysdale
  • DOP – Gavin Carroll
  • Camera – Elliot Nieves
  • Pre-Production Assistant – Jesse Bartlett
  • Account Manager – Adriana Robbins
  • Storyboard Illustration – Holly Fox