Go with The Data
Mechanical Rock
Go with The Data
20 September 2021

Only amateurs go with their gut, experts go with the data. That was the insight at the heart of this tongue-in-cheek, digital, brand campaign for Mechanical Rock. A software development firm filled with elite developers, designers, and tech trailblazers that move at the speed of tech. Our mission was to convey the importance of process and a DevOps philosophy to an audience rapidly accruing tech debt.

Our method? Simple… Tie Mechanical Rock’s words of warning into a memorable, macro, narrative by exploring some of the biggest backfires of all time – something like, oh, we don’t know… The fall of Troy or the launch of the New Coke.

  • Brand – Mechanical Rock
  • Client – Sarah Wright and Hamish Tedeschi
  • Campaign Agency – Lush The Content Agency
  • Creative Partner – Dear Storyteller
  • Director –  Mike Drysdale
  • DOP – Elliot Nieves
  • Assistant Director – AJ Winters
  • Camera Assistant – Gavin Carroll
  • Sound Technician – Glenn Dillon
  • Gaffer – Ed Martinez
  • Motion Graphics/ SFX – Davide Boscolo
  • Account Manager – Brendan Lobo
  • Digital Distribution – Ammo Marketing