Go with The Data
Mechanical Rock
Go with The Data
20 September 2021
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Casting
  • Creative Development
  • Key Messaging
  • Post Production
  • Production
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding

Only amateurs go with their gut, experts go with the data. That was the insight at the heart of this tongue-in-cheek, digital, brand campaign for Mechanical Rock. A software development firm filled with elite developers, designers, and tech trailblazers that move at the speed of tech. Our mission was to convey the importance of process and a DevOps philosophy to an audience rapidly accruing tech debt.

Our method? Simple… Tie Mechanical Rock’s words of warning into a memorable, macro, narrative by exploring some of the biggest backfires of all time – something like, oh, we don’t know… The fall of Troy or the launch of the New Coke.

  • Brand – Mechanical Rock
  • Client – Sarah Wright and Hamish Tedeschi
  • Campaign Agency – Lush The Content Agency
  • Creative Partner – Dear Storyteller
  • Director –  Mike Drysdale
  • DOP – Elliot Nieves
  • Assistant Director – AJ Winters
  • Camera Assistant – Gavin Carroll
  • Sound Technician – Glenn Dillon
  • Gaffer – Ed Martinez
  • Motion Graphics/ SFX – Davide Boscolo
  • Account Manager – Brendan Lobo
  • Digital Distribution – Ammo Marketing