Elder Abuse is Everyone’s Business
Elder Abuse is Everyone’s Business
2 September 2020
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  • Creative Development
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  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding

Dear Storyteller had the privilege of working on an incredibly important public awareness campaign for COTA WA earlier this year. 

Despite rising instances of elder abuse, public awareness and action on the issue have remained fairly limited. So COTA WA engaged the Dear Storyteller team to develop a story driven campaign that would reframe elder abuse in a way that captured audiences’ attention. In response, we set out to develop a piece that felt uncomfortably familiar, but with a twist that made it impossible to ignore.

The World Health Organisation estimates around 15.8% of people over the age of 60 have experience elder abuse. Instances come in a variety of ways, but most commonly it happens at home and involves financial or psychological abuse from family members.

Rather than informing the audience of this with facts and figures, Dear Storyteller’s strategy revealed these key messages within the flow of the story. Resulting in a piece that piqued audience’ interest and prompted further investigation.

The campaign was released on television earlier this year.


  • Brand – COTA WA 
  • Creative Agency – Dear Storyteller 
  • Creative Strategist – Michael Drysdale 
  • Director of Photography – Gavin Carroll
  • Producer – Brendan Lobo
  • Post Production – Lush TCA