Cold Nips x VWA
Volunteering WA
Cold Nips x VWA
1 December 2021
  • Audio Production
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Creative Development
  • Creative Production
  • Key Messaging
  • Photography
  • Post Production

Rebrand volunteering for a new generation. That’s what we set out to do at the beginning of 2021, when we started the 12 month long process of developing this campaign for Volunteering WA. The team weren’t just after a quick fix – some slick ads and a snappy call to action. We wanted to make a campaign that could instigate real and meaningful change. To show the world just how passionate young people are about giving back and making a difference in areas of serious social need.

In order to do this we teamed up with two of the most influential and aspirational young brands in Perth and formed a true collaboration that would drive the campaign. Cold Nips, a not-for-profit association started by Ryan Linton and Jian Wong Yen and Oli Clothing, a fashion label started in Northbridge, came together to help us put a unique and fresh stamp on volunteering.

The result? Two mini-docos, loads of social content, some sweet merch, and the development of three new styles of volunteering (social, expert and upskill).


  • Brand – Volunteering WA
  • Campaign Agency – Lush The Content Agency
  • Creative Partner – Dear Storyteller
  • Collaborative Partner – Cold Nips
  • Director/ Producer –  Mike Drysdale
  • Camera Operator 1 – Michael Muller
  • Camera Operator 2 – Gavin Carroll
  • Drone Operator – Gavin Carroll
  • Editor – Gavin Carroll
  • Editor – Nate Abrahams
  • Editor – Rhys Waywood
  • Account Manager – Tess Palmyre
  • Digital Distribution – Glide Agency
  • Landing Page Design – Glide Agency
  • Photography – Daniel De Giosa
  • Copywriter – Clare Reid
  • Cold Nips – Ryan Marc Linton
  • Cold Nips – Jian Wong Yen
  • Cold Nips – Jessica Flockhart
  • Cold Nips – Luke A J